Yoga means union with God. Doing yoga makes our body pure and slowly and slowly our ailments go away.

When we do yoga, our respiratory system improves and in our busy day to day life, we get inner happiness which one does not get easily in any other way.

There is no other city which has such a long history of yoga like even in the First Yuga, Mata Parvati did Tapasya/Yoga in Haridwar.

With Yoga, all health problems slowly go away.

Nowadays, Baba Ramdev is promoting and advertising Yoga throughout the world and he is also based in Haridwar in Patanjali Yogapeetha, which is only 20kms from our place.

People who are having problems and suffering from diseases can visit Patanjali Yogapeetha in Haridwar.

Our guests can book us, stay close to River Ganges and consult yoga gurus in Patanjali.

You can also do yoga in our Rooms Balcony facing River Ganges.

After doing yoga, one can have Snan (bath) in Ganges, start your day on a good note and local foods can be enjoyed straight away after that.

As Yoga main purpose is to build harmony and awareness both in mind and in our body, side by side when you visit famous temples and watch Ganga ji Aarti, it will make you aware of our rich culture and your health will improve.

And after gaining improved confidence and health, you can go back to your home with a new positive mindset and a lively life.

Haridwar and Yoga

Haridwar is an ancient city thousands of years old. Its history goes to the first Yuga i.e. Satya Yuga.

Yuga in Hinduism is an era within a four age cycle. There are four Yuga and it started with Satya Yuga, then Treta Yuga, then Dvapara Yuga and the current one in which we are living is Kali Yuga.

The history of Haridwar is several Yuga old and this city has places which have been described in the ancient stories.

One such place is Bilkeshwar Mandir. It is a temple in which Mata Parvati did Tapasya/Yoga for 3000 years and then she got accepted by Lord Shiva (Mahadeva) as his wife, he is one of the principal deities in Hinduism, one of the supreme beings. He is an omniscient Yogi who lives in Mount Kailash.

After 3000 years of Tapasya/Yoga, Mata Parvati married Shiva, so it was a long lasting Yoga in Haridwar. Yoga and Haridwar is very ancient and can be said to be a synonym.

How to Visit Bilkeshwar Mahadev Temple

Our guests can visit Bilkeshwar Mahavdev temple which is only around 2kms from our place. There is a tree under which Mata Parvati did yoga.

This temple is devoted to Mahadev and Goddess Parvati.

This temple also have statues of Lord Ganesha, Mata Parvati, Hanuman ji, Nav Grah and Ardh Nareshwar.